Frequently Asked Questions

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What does FRL stand for?
How do I select the proper size of FRL to use?
What is the minimum distance from the air compressor to the FRL?
What is the hole in the side of the regulator?
Which oil is recommended for use in the lubricators?
How much oil is required to properly lubricate tools?
How does the overnight drain work?

General Catalog Questions

What does the “S” prefix signify?
What does “2/cd” mean in the Milton catalog?
What does SCFM mean?
How much oil is required to properly lubricate the tools?
How is the oil drop rate adjusted on the Milton lubricator?
What is NPT & NPS?
How is SCFM different from working pressure?
How do I handle Milton warranty?
How do I match the correct coupler with the proper plug and vice versa?
Will Milton couplers and plugs interchange with all other manufacturers?
I just installed a new 1060/1062 pressure switch and air leaks out of the unloader valve emptying the tank. What is wrong?

Couplers and plugs

What is the best style coupler to use for a wood shop?

Drive way Signal

Does Milton 805 comes with a hose?


What is MA3835OR made of?

Pneumatic and Air Accessories

Can I use a 693-12CG with an inflator Gauge 501?

Inflator Gauges - Digital

How do I replace the batteries?
How do I turn on the inflator gauge?
How do I turn off the inflator gauge?
I just got my inflator gauge but it will not turn on, why?
What are the benefits of this gauge's chuck and hose?
Does the gauge swivel?

Inflator Gauges - Analog

Why is the gauge oil filled for the SKU#572A?
Why is the gauge oil filled?
What type of oil is inside the gauge?
How do I add oil?
What are the benefits of this gauge's chuck and hose?